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I said to God, much
before the beginning of time,
“Create me, and I will sing and
dance for your pleasure.”

2 I was a love without a lover

  I was a love without a lover,
and then a lover without a love;
  now I am merged, and the
heavens weep with joy.

  Who is lonely now?
—the Lover and the Beloved are

3 Gandalf

“It’s a secret,” Gandalf said,
“keep it hidden, keep it safe,”
but I have stumbled, and
love has tumbled out of my
clothing, my pockets and
my hair.

4 Forgetting the hand

 Forgetting the hand, the writer
becomes the pen; forgetting the
 pen, the writer becomes the ink;

forgetting the ink, the writer
  becomes the words; forgetting
the words, the writer becomes

 a Poet.

5 It is erotic

It is erotic, this Love, for it
touches every part of me, in a
way that no lover ever has.

That said, don’t be shy, if you
see anything you like, come,
pray with me!

6 I gave up in-lovement for Love

 I gave up in-lovement for Love,
I gave up lovers for the Beloved;
 to wed me now would be without

 How could you? whoever you
are, we are already married—

 now the real honeymoon begins!

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Gavin Dillard

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